Daniel in the Lions’ Den

27 Nov

Here is a Briton Riviere painting of Daniel in the Lions’ Den.

The story comes from Daniel 6.

What strikes me about the painting is that Daniel is focusing his attention on God, not the lions. What I know about myself is that I focus on the “lions” in my life, thus I find myself often fearful. Then, slowly, faithfully, God focuses his attention upon me. God sees me amid the lions. Moment by moment, God promises me, “Nothing can separate you from my love, not even the lions.” It is not that I have faith, but that faith happens to me. Because of the Lord’s faithfulness, love replaces fear.

Allow yourself to be seen by the loving Gaze of God.

And may this Gaze help you to relax and find peace, even amid the lions in your life. Amen.



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