For heavens’ sake, clothe yourselves, people!

26 Apr

Here are my readings and reflection for the day:

Exodus 15:1-18… Imagine your worst nightmare. Pharaoh’s thugs are stalking you. If they catch you, then you are dead, because they will butcher you. You are out of breath. You are tired of running. They are getting closer and closer. The sea opens up before you. The thugs follow you through the opening. But then… a miracle! The waters flood over top the terrorists. “Death” is drowned. God has saved you from being murdered. Imagine this– you sing, you dance. Join with Moses, Miriam and Aaron in singing this song!

Colossians 3:12-17= There is a refrain here. Clothe yourselves in love. Get dressed with forgiveness. For heavens’ sake, clothe yourselves, people! And whatever you do– do it for the name and sake of Christ and his love

Psalm 118:1-2, 14-24= I shall not die, but live!

Who do you know who is clothed with Christ’s love and forgiveness? Give thanks for this person right now.


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