Good questions

9 Apr

When did you see someone showing God’s love recently?

Where have you see the Face of God?

What is making God smile?
What is breaking God’s heart?

Who has hurt you recently?
How can I process the pain so that I do not pass it on?

Who have I been failing to love recently?
Why I am failing?
Don’t see them?
Don’t care about them?
Feel overwhelmed by their situation?
Don’t feel they deserve my attention?

Where do you see hardened hearts?
a hardened heart is a Pharaoh heart
today, Pharaoh hearts focus on greed and blame people for their need

Who is an “enemy” you oppose?
How will you love this “enemy” as commanded by Christ?

What have you been learning from the scriptures?

What are you noticing in your prayer life?

Who are you feeling called to serve?

What is something you need to learn right now?

What opportunities are you looking forward to, ways to demonstrate God’s love to others? How will you prepare?

Who have you been eating with? Jesus ate with outcasts and outrageous sinners. Any wild people you can get to know better?

When we develop budgets, how much should we take Matthew 25:31-46 into account?


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