Eat the Book!

7 Apr

Chew on it. Meditate. Get the Message inside of you. Feel it in your gut. Don’t simply hear the words. Let them become a part of you. Eat the Book. Digest it so that Jesus flows throughout your body, from head to toe.


Ezekiel 1:1-3; 2:8-3:3= Eat the Book!

Revelation 10:1-11= Eat the Book!

Psalm 130= when God arrives, love arrives… when love arrives, generous redemption arrives… when redemption arrives, we are set free from sin!


Let us be sincere in our dealings with each other and have courage to accept each other as we are~~ Mother Teresa


In John 9, there was only one person who really “saw” who Jesus was– and it was a blind man! I wonder, “Who is it easy for us to see as beloved of God? Who is difficult for us to see as treasured of God?


Wash my eyes, Lord. Open them. Help me to see others as you see them. Amen.


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