“Rules and regulation” versus “Seeing God at Work”

6 Apr

God heals our “blindness” so that we might “see” as God “sees.” How often we are “blind” to one another!

For example, I hear stories of elderly people, going to medical appointments, and they are seen but  not seen. Yes, the tests were done, the diagnosis was performed, the medications were prescribed. But the elderly person was not listened to. Their questions were not answered. Their concerns were not heard.

What I see in others, I see in myself. So often I don’t see what people are really going through, and I fail to offer the compassion I should. I am blind! Lord, have mercy. Amen.


Isaiah 60:17-22= see especially verse 19 where the Lord is becoming our Everlasting Light

Matthew 9:27-34= here, Jesus heals two blind men. Often we are blind together. Not just individuals, but families, communities, churches, and nations can be collectively blind.

Psalm 146= see especially verse 8 where the Lord opens the eyes of the blind


We cannot condemn, judge, or speak words that might hurt… by what right, then, can we condemn anyone?~~ Mother Teresa

Question– In John 9, the Pharisees were blind to the miracle or the sign of God among them, the giving of sight to a blind man, accomplished through Jesus. Remember, in this story, the Pharisees were more concerned with “seeing” that no law were broken, such as “no work on the Sabbath,” than “seeing” God’s working in the world. In the same story, the blind man’s parents were concerned for their own reputation more than they were concerned for the well-being of their own son. When do we have a “rules and reputation” focus that prevents us from seeing God’s work happening all around us?


Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me, I once was lost, but now am found, was blind, but now I see.~~John Newton


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