April 4: Readings, quote, question, prayer

4 Apr

From blindness to sight

Yesterday, in worship, we heard how Jesus healed the “blind man” in John 9. Ironically, in this story, the disciples, the neighbors, the Pharisees, and the blind man’s parents were also blind. By the end of the story, only two people could “see”- Jesus and the blind man.

Meanwhile, we also heard a story about Jesse in 1 Samuel 16. Samuel, the prophet, arrived to anoint one of the sons of Jesse as the next king of Israel. Jesse nominated seven of his sons. Not one of them was chosen by God to be the next royal leaders. So Samuel asked Jesse, “Do you have any more sons?” Only then did Jesse remember his “invisible, insignificant” son. Jesse has been “blind” to the value of his son, David. In a sense, Jesse went from blindness to sight, coming to “see” his youngest son in a new way.

The daily lectionary readings for today continue the theme: we need to be healed of our blindness.

Readings: Isaiah 59:9-19; Acts 9:1-20; Psalm 146

Quote: Do not allow yourself to be disheartened by any failure as long as you have done your best~~ Mother Teresa

Question: In the Acts 9 reading for today, Saul was blind to the true identity of Jesus. Then he was physically blinded by a flash of light. To what things do we need to be blinded so that we might see Jesus more clearly?

Prayer: God, we pray for children in foster care, often invisible in our society. Provide them with loving families who care for them. May your church also be a family for children who lack stability. Amen.



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