Four Friends’ Project

6 Dec

In Mark 2:1-11, there is a paralyzed man. He is stuck. He can’t move.

Fortunately, he has four friends who love him. These buddies haul him on a stretcher over to the “bed and breakfast” where Jesus is hanging out.

Unfortunately, the four friends run into an obstacle. It is “standing room only” at the lodge. No one is giving up their spot. They can’t get their paralyzed friend to Jesus.

Fortunately, these guys haven’t come all this way for nothing.  They find a ladder, and they pass their paralyzed pal up to the roof. Then one of them takes a jackhammer. Then the four of them, using ropes, lower their paralyzed pal down to Jesus.

Fortunately, when Jesus “sees their faith” he forgives their paralyzed pal. And the paralyzed one becomes unstuck.

Inspired by this story from Mark, what do y’all think about organizing a “four friends’ project”? These would be my guiding questions…

What if we gathered together as 4 friends to pray for someone who is stuck?

What if we had faith for someone who has been paralyzed in their life or in their faith?

What if we worked on “ripping a hole in the roof” to get this person to Jesus?

What if we “had faith for this” that Jesus might see and bless him/her?

Who would be the 3 friends you would invite to participate in the “4 friend project”?

Who would be the “stuck friend” that you were praying for?

How far would you be willing to go?

How long would you be willing to pray?

Anyone up for a “four friends’ project”?


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