And now for something completely different!

23 Nov

Be on the look-0ut for the “thank you opportunity”

Pick an organization or company or office or store or service with which you’ve recently had a positive experience (friendly clerk, helpful person on the phone, etc.) Look up the customer service number or the store’s phone number, then call the number and say, “I’d like to register a thank you!”

Describe in detail what you are thankful for. (Bet they don’t get many of those calls!)

Then tell the person, “I would like to speak to the manager. I would like to compliment the manager  on the good experience I had with you folks.”

Spread “good gossip!” Tell everyone about the wonderful treatment you received from “those people.”

And I do have one small request: If you attempt this experiment, then let me know what happens.

One reminder: Being thankful takes practice! Noticing the good around you is sometimes harder than focusing on what is wrong. You have to work those “thankful muscles” At any rate, it is that time of the year to ramp up our training. It is Thanksgiving time. It is time to get into Thanksgiving Shape.

And now for a word you should expect to hear: Be on the lookout for those things which are making God smile. Yes, there is a lot that is wrong in the world. Yes, the news seems to focus on what’s bad. Yes, there are things which are breaking God’s heart. But… let’s also notice what is making God smile. And… let’s say, “Thank you, Lord!” (Of course, this is going to take a little practice)

Are you willing to give it a try? Let’s encourage one another, and share with each other how this experiment goes. Let’s make it a good habit!

Meanwhile, to read one of my BIG THANK YOUS: read Philippians 1:3-11.

May the Grace Conspiracy continue, Tim


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