27 May

U.S. Holocaust Museum in our nation’s capital

One huge room full of shoes

Ripped from the feet of those about to be gassed

Shoes remain, millions of lives lost

Third World nations

Children working 7 days a week

Making shoes

Paid little, virtual slavery

So we can buy them Nikes cheap at the discount store

Over here there are addictions

All kinds of addictions

Buy an expensive,  top-of-the-line shoes

Endorphins released from the shopping thrill

Neuro-chemicals released when you look good on your feet

Status, power, closet collection of shoes

I have met some  whose feet are calloused

Leathery soles, hard, tough, those feet

These souls with soles will never wear shoes

I wonder if God is telling me to be like Moses

Take off your shoes, you’re standing on holy ground

Lead a church that cares about the state of souls and soles

If you’re rich enough to have shoes

Think about the ones who died without their shoes

Think about the possibility that grammar school kids made your shoes

Maybe I should repent of my addiction to shoes

Maybe we should all take off your shoes

And walk barefoot

Remembering those souls who have no choice

Of whether to put soles at the bottom of their souls


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