God’s plan for your life?

8 May

So much of Christianity talks about finding God’s

plan for your life as if there was only






way your life might unfold.

Yet in Acts 16:9-15, I see the Apostle Paul and

his band of travelers discovering that life with

Jesus is often messy, sloppy, and chaotic.

#1= they determine that God’s Plan is to preach

in Asia, but they run into a spiritual Road Block

#2= they figure it’s logical to go to Bithynia,

but they run into a spiritual Road Block

#3= Paul has a dream where a  man says,

“Come over to Macedonia and help us!”

#4= But when they go to Macedonia,

nothing happens! Was the vision a mistake?

#5= Paul and his friends go down to the river.

Lydia, a Macedonian woman, not a man,

believes– and she and everyone she knows

is baptized!

#6= Lydia welcomes Paul and his friends.

She provides hospitality. She helps them,

even though Paul in his dream brings help

to a Macedonian man.

7. Nothing works out according to “plan”

8. God’s Spirit is already on the loose in the


9. Yet God needs a “body” for his love

to become real.

10. God’s love is “birthed” through people.

11. There are not simple, obvious

ABCD formulas or plans.

12. Yet God is working for good in the midst

of all the twists and turns.

13. The Lady in Lavender, Lydia, was not part

of a scripted plan. Yet she was open to being

the body in which God’s Love was being



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